Welcome to O&Y Enterprise

Logistic and Steel Service solution company

Headquarter in Hialeah, Florida, O&Y is a logistic company that provides
service and support focusing on our Customer Needs.

About Us

O&Y Enterprise is a Logistic and Steel Service solution company that combines equipment and experience to provide services and support that focus on our clients needs.
O&Y Enterprise is compose of three main services:


Broker and Carrier service with more than 12 years of experience in the movement of heavy equipment, steel products and containers. To better serve our customers, we have a fleet ready for immediately need with low boys, forklift, 10 Ton mobile crane, and 20’ to 40’ containers. We are ready to meet any challenges.

Steel Service

To help our customers save cost and time with their steel need, we have develop a procurement department that focus on customer requirement, working with inventory turns and giving solution that might not be expected from a logistic company. Talk to our experts to see how we can help. We currently handle Prime A36 and Excess Prime in coils or cut to your specified length. Serving Florida Today.


With 46,000 square feet of yard space near the port of Miami, we serve our customer needs by warehousing and storing equipment and material.

Our Yard Space is used to hold and prepare equipment and material for clients shipping out of US through the Miami Port.

Our O&Y approach

Since we don’t serve one type of customer, we need an approach that will help us focus on what is needed it. Our approach does just that.


Understand your supply chain

  • Inbound logistic
  • Third parties selection
  • Facilities location
  • Inventory management

Logistic reengineering

  • Highlight any waste
  • Review gaps
  • Challenge shipment methods

Present proposals and solutions


On time delivery 24hours customer service support

Customer satisfaction is our focus.
Driver and road safety is our concern Ojel Barrios, O&Y Enterprise CEO

Company core values

What do we believe?

We believe in safety and on time delivery

Our customers las thing in their mind is to worry about a load that has not got to their destination. We take the worry away by constantly tracking the load, foresee and work any problem ahead, and building a healthy communication avenue between customer, carrier and destination.



We conduct our business with honesty


We treat our customers and employees with respect


We held everyone accountable for their actions


Our business is based on tradition of trust.

We offer 24Hours customer service support

Our Gallery

Always ready for your service


Helping our industry being better informed

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O&Y Enterprise
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